Young Adult

The Night Sky

The Tungsten Chronicles Book 1

It is said that killing a narwhal unlocks a mysterious power. One of the mighty beasts has been murdered and now Nadia’s grandfather is missing. Nadia must embark on a journey through a cold, wintery land to find him, restore the balance of good and evil, and fulfill her destiny.


The Ruby

Malorie is a workaholic, and her relentless overtime is finally about to pay off. But everything changes when she receives a strange package from her father and discovers that he has gone missing. Now, Malorie must use her wits to follow her dad's trail into a world of danger, mystery, and wonder.

The Charlie Situation

Available on Kindle Vella

Charlie is not exactly teacher of the year, but she does show up to her science class (almost) every day. Unfortunately, she didn’t miss the day that she discovers a murder. Charlie’s curiosity gets the best of her as she tries to unravel a secret plot. Too bad she doesn’t teach criminal justice or forensics . . .

C.A. Cordova grew up in Colorado with an overactive imagination and a love for reading. She draws inspiration from all aspects of life and is often found lost in thought about new story ideas. When writing, she is inevitably behind a cup of tea and a bowl of oatmeal. She lives happily with her family in Hawaii.